In the past few years, coworking offices have grown tremendously in number. Many businesses have transitioned from traditional office designs with cubicles to more open layouts where people can work together, converse, and collaborate.

For people who are unfamiliar with the concepts behind coworking, there may be some confusion about why these changes are happening. Cubicle office designs have existed for so long, so why fix something that doesn’t seem to broken? Well, the truth is that, in a way, it sort of is. Many of the jobs that are now in high demand like those in the engineering and technology industries involve many tasks that require collaborative work.

Additionally, businesses are now seeing that employees actually work better in coworking environments and become more invested in their jobs. New data shows that 89% of workers report experiencing improvements in their mood and happiness when switching to a collaborative work space. In addition to improving employee happiness, an abundance of research shows that coworking also improves workers’ health and productivity. All of this translates into larger profits for companies.

What Determines Employee Happiness?

Happy employees mean a happy business. When employees are happy, they can think clearer and stay focused on tasks. But what exactly determines the level of happiness among employees? According to Steelcase, this matter can be narrowed down to six different elements of well-being:

1. Optimism – An optimistic mindset is important for overcoming obstacles and finding enjoyment in the present.

2. Mindfulness – Mindfulness allows people to calmly acknowledge and accept their feelings and adapt a mentality of awareness.

3. Authenticity – People are happier when they can be their authentic self and feel freedom from judgment or the need to conform.

4. Belonging – Humans are social by nature. People feel happier when they feel that they have strong social connections with others.

5. Meaning – We feel better when we feel like we have a purpose and are contributing to the world and society, living a more meaningful life.

6. Vitality – Being strong and active increases our energy levels. People feel better when they can move freely and be outdoors.

How Coworking Spaces Promote Health & Happiness

There is some debate on what exactly defines a coworking space. However, most people seem to agree on a few things. Coworking offices are spaces that facilitate the act of working together. Many coworking offices stress activities that are known to improve productivity and stimulate higher thinking. These include activities that involve collaboration, movement, and exercise. In coworking offices, people often have access to outdoor break areas and healthy options.

What’s really different in a coworking office is the mentality of businesses who operate there. When designing these spaces, the goal is to focus on how the environment naturally facilitates the process of working. This takes the pressure off employees because employees are no longer being expected on how to figure out how to stay productive all own their own.

When employees are forced to sit at a cubicle by themselves for eight hours a day, they become lonely, their happiness declines, and their health suffers. But in a coworking office, employees’ health and happiness are placed at the highest priority. Coworkers engage in collaborative projects, yoga classes, and form strong, healthy relationships with each other. This helps them to become more invested in their jobs and feel connected to their working environment.

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