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Creating Privacy in Your Coworking Space with Room Dividers

Collaboration is an essential part of every coworking office. Collaboration is, in essence, why coworking spaces exist – so that businesses and individuals can mingle amongst one another, exchanging ideas, information, and services. But having private work areas is equally just as important. Read More

furniture health collaborative coworking space

Furniture for a Healthy, Collaborative Coworking Space

Are you concerned about how the coronavirus will impact your coworking space? You’re not alone. As more and more offices begin to open back up, coworking space owners are searching for solutions to keep their tenants safe and healthy. One of the main challenges involved in this is making collaboration possible while still practicing good health protocols. Read More

Teddy Leonard, Photobucket

Great minds don’t just focus on one thing at a time, whether that’s products, people, spaces or time.  Working with Ted (Teddy) Leonard, the CEO of Photobucket, we found one of these minds that innately understood that a workspace is more than just somewhere that teams sit and get things done all day. Teddy rides mountain bikes with us and from the saddle of our bikes is where some of the best time designing his new space took place – because the design of a truly valuable space demands an intimate understanding of the brand that their workspace serves. It’s imperative to understand the company Core Values, their Mission and their growth Goals, and it’s even more important to understand who they are, as individuals and as a team. How do they like to work together? What percentage of their time is occupied with collaborative work vs head down getting shit done? How and when through the day are they looking for social time? What kinds of activities do they spend their time on outside the office?

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storage solutions coworking space

Storage Solutions for Small Offices & Coworking Spaces

When you work in a coworking space or shared office, space is a luxury. Often, you have to be creative about how you store your office supplies, files, and equipment. However, it can be frustrating going through the process of trial and error and trying to come up with the right solution.

office furniture storage

Using the right office furniture can help minimize this frustration and maximize the storage space in your office. Below, we’ve listed some unique storage solutions that can help you accomplish the task.

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reasons eco friendly office furniture

Reasons to Invest in Eco-Friendly Office Furniture

Is sustainability a priority for your business? If not, it should be. Eco-friendly business models are more appealing to modern consumers, attract better employees, have higher job satisfaction scores, and spend less money on operating costs.

Still, any change to your office requires an investment on your behalf. You may wonder if switching to eco-friendly office furniture is worth the investment. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to consider taking the plunge anyway.

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modern office design trends supple collection

Modern Office Design: What’s Next?

Are you the owner of a modern office or coworking space? If so, you probably put a lot of thought and effort into the design of your office. Staying up to date with trends and innovations is important for establishing your position as a leader in the coworking industry. When prospective tenants come to check out your office, you want to give them a reason to rent a space with you and not your competitors.

Knowing what to expect for future trends can help you get ahead of the game and gain an edge over the competition. Here are some of our predictions about what changes will take place in office design in the next few years.
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furniture for small spaces supple collection

Office Design Hacks: Furniture for Small Spaces

In an office, organization is everything. How you organize your desk, your conference rooms, and overall layout makes a huge impact on how you work. It’s much easier to focus and work efficiently when you know where everything is and can get to it quickly.

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flexible office furniture supple collection

Flexible Office Furniture for Revolutionizing Your Coworking Space

Today, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of office design and how it affects their employees. Flexible workspaces are much more conducive to collaboration. And by opting for adaptable furniture that can be used for more than one purpose or activity, businesses can cut down significantly on office expenses.

In order to create this kind of adaptable and collaborative environment, you need flexible office furniture. Below, we’ve listed some pieces from the Supple Collection that are perfect for creating a flexible coworking environment.

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coworking space furniture mental wellness

How Coworking Space Furniture Supports Mental Wellness

Is your office furniture affecting your employees’ mental health? Science says yes! Because of advancements in technology, many companies have now gained the ability to employ remote workers. While remote positions can be beneficial in many ways due to the flexibility they provide, they also may limit social interactions and affect mental health.

The good news is, there’s an easy way for companies to combat the issue and help their employees remain healthy. By using the right coworking space furniture, companies can help employees stay engaged in activities that promote social interaction and mental wellness.

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The Supple Collection is a unique brand of sustainable furniture for learning environments.

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