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  • "These custom designed units are far better than what we'd originally envisioned. All of our requested elements were incorporated into the design and we now have units that suit our specific and exacting needs!"

    -Ken Draves, Int.Director, Poudre River Public Library

  • "I totally love those jumps, jellies, and bugs, and the unique shelving. They are functional, yet airy and fresh. I can envision a contemporary library that replaces traditional shelving with your display units throughout. This would lend itself more "zones" and browsing."

    -Jenny LaPerriere, Senior Librarian Denver Public Library

  • "Our furniture design process is as unique as the furnishings themselves. It begins with research, leads to concepts and theories which are then tested on librarians and library customers. Next we establish a criteria and construct a mock-up. Materials and details are chosen with respect to a budget, and finally the object is realized."

    -Justin Martinez, Interior Designer

  • "The display and shelves are very cool... We don't always get to see exuberance and style in recycled content furnishings!

    -Kelly A. Karmel, AIA, LEED AP, Design Balance LLC