Collaboration is an essential part of every coworking office. Collaboration is, in essence, why coworking spaces exist – so that businesses and individuals can mingle amongst one another, exchanging ideas, information, and services. But having private work areas is equally just as important.

Every office needs private workspaces where teams can meet individually to work together and where employees can go to work on projects by themselves in quiet. Therefore, how you create privacy and divide your office matters a great deal. 

That’s why at the Supple Collection, we’ve devised a line of products specifically for the purpose of creating privacy in coworking offices. Below, we’ve discussed in detail how businesses can use our Slide room dividers and Cove mobile conference rooms to create a high functioning work environment.

Why Add Room Dividers to your Coworking Office?

Room dividers are great for coworking spaces because they’re visually appealing and relatively affordable, but not permanent. Unlike building another wall, room dividers require no construction. That way, you don’t have to pay for expensive structural changes or deal with interruptions to your operations. 

Plus, they’re a fantastic branding tool. Room dividers can be customized with any colors, graphics, or image you desire. It’s a great way to showcase your brand and improve the functionality of your office. 

Office Room Dividers from the Supple Collection

At the Supple Collection, we have two standard designs for room dividers to choose from. These include our Slide room dividers and our Cove mobile conference rooms.

room dividers supple collection

Slide Room Dividers

Our Slide room dividers offer a quick, easy way to create an enclosed space in a coworking office. They can be left open to preserve transparency, collaboration, and aesthetics. Or they can be closed to create a space for holding meetings, training seminars, or events. These room dividers are versatile, functional, and beautiful, and make a great addition to any office.

supple divides cove meeting room

Cove Mobile Conference Room

Our Cove mobile conference rooms are great for controlling acoustic and visual privacy. Similar to a phone booth, these small rooms create a private space that’s perfect for taking client calls, holding small team meetings, working on individual projects, or taking a quick lunch break. And because they’re set on caster wheels, they can be easily moved around your office as needed. 


Add Privacy to Your Office with Dividers from the Supple Collection

Improve the comfort and functionality of your office with dividers from the Supple Collection. Call today to place an order or learn more about our custom design services.