Libraries know that the needs of their communities are always changing. They’re always looking for ways to adapt and improve their services so that they can continue to be a valuable resource for those who live nearby. But unfortunately many libraries reside in old, antiquated spaces that have not been updated for quite some time. 

One quick way to improve a library’s functionality and make it easier to use is to update the bookshelves and displays. Library bookshelves, displays, and stacks that are more modern and easier to navigate can tremendously improve the browsing experience. They attract more attention and get more people to check out books. And they also make storage far more efficient and easier for librarians.

Below, we’ve listed some beautiful options for modern library bookshelves and displays from the Supple Collection.

Modern Shelves & Bookcases for a Beautiful Library

Beautify your library, make it easier to navigate, and free up floor space. These shelving options  and bookcases from the Supple Collection are perfect for updating any space.

Jelly – Mobile Book Displays

The Jelly is a four-sided unit that’s set on caster wheels. It’s easy to move around and can be inserted directly into walkways to grab the attention of those browsing your library.

Bug – Digital Media Displays

A digital media display is a necessity for any modern library. These shelving units are perfect for housing audio books, movies, and other forms of media. 

beehive wall units

Beehive – Wall Units

Do you have unoccupied, blank walls in your library? Turn them into something useful with Beehive wall units! These tall bookshelves are the perfect space-saving solution!

Swoops – Mobile Highlight Units

Swoop, there it is! Swoops are perfect for adding onto shelves or highlighting collections.


Terrace – Tiered Display

Terrace tiered displays give you a way to highlight your best collections. Show off best sellers, seasonal books, or whatever your heart desires! 


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