These days, people are visiting the library for more reasons than to check out books. They’re looking for a place they can study, access the internet, work remotely, and engage in group learning activities. Having a space in the library where these activities can occur is crucial. 

With the right library furniture, you can create a comfortable, relaxing study space that will get visitors excited! Below, we’ve listed some of the great options that we offer here at the Supple Collection.

Library Furniture for Creating the Perfect Study Area

There’s nothing that library patrons love more than a cozy space outfitted with comfy couches and seating options where they can hang out, read a book, or participate in group study sessions. These items from the Supple Collection will make a great addition to any library study space.

Crew Team Table

Every study space needs a group work table. Our Crew Team Table is perfect for small spaces and can be placed in the middle of the room to act as its center focus or in a corner to create a more secluded, private study area.

Caterpillar Flexible Media Exhibit

Our Caterpillar Flexible Media Exhibits are great for study spaces because they’re an all-in-one solution for storing books and creating seats. These pieces can be modified to include study carols, benches, and other cozy seating options.

supple divides cove meeting room

Cove Mobile Conference Room

Our Cove Mobile Conference Rooms are great for creating a space where small groups can meet. Acoustic lights minimize noise while ensuring ample lighting. And the whole unit is set on caster wheels, so you can move it wherever you want as you rearrange your library.

Story Branding Art Panels

Finally, what’s a study space without some beautiful artwork to go along with it?! Give your space an exceptional look with our Story Branding Art Panels.


Start Designing Your Study Space Today!

Would you like some help with picking out the right furniture for your library’s new study space? We’d love to get involved! Call today to speak to a member of our team!