The children’s section is one of the most magical places in a library. Introducing children to books at a young age can help set them up for a success in school, their career, and life in general.

The children’s library furniture you choose will play a big role in determining what kind of experience young learners have in your library. Here are some innovative ideas from the Supple Collection that can be used to enhance learning spaces used by children and young adult readers.

childrens library furniture supple collection

Unique Children’s Library Furniture from the Supple Collection

Create a space where young minds can explore, learn, and have fun in your library! These custom made items from the Supple Collection are the perfect addition to any children’s library section.

Doghouse Book Bins

Put books right where kids can see them! Our Doghouse Book Bins are built at just the right height to facilitate easy browsing for young readers. These stylish children’s library bookcases feature cubbies at the bottom so that collections can be rearranged and displayed in a variety of ways.


Keep your children’s section interesting by changing up your displays based on the time of year, weather, or season. Our Caterpillar book displays are super flexible so that librarians can reconfigure shelves and storage areas as needed. These displays make it easy to interest children in books since they’re naturally drawn to the bright, colorful features.


Nowadays, technology and learning go hand in hand. Children are interested in technology and will spend hours exploring digital book collections and computer-based learning programs. Our Lilypad stations make it easy to set up iPads in any area of your library.

Get Help with Choosing the Right Children’s Library Furniture

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