Charis Bible College is a nationally renowned educational institution with campus locations across the United States. As an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries, Charis provides education and training to individuals who are interested in ministry and deepening their faith.

The Supple Collection recently had the opportunity to be introduced to the leaders at Charis and partner with them on a project for improving their learning space. This was an incredible experience for our company because it not only gave us the chance to create beautiful furniture, but also develop close relationships with members of an esteemed educational institution.

We became acquainted with Charis through our relationship with Canter & Associates. After being introduced to some of the staff, we discovered that they had a need for custom furniture. They were building a new bookstore for one of their campus locations and needed shelving and custom items for their merchandise.

charis bible college shelves

We worked closely with Charis to understand their needs and create designs that appealed to their aesthetic preferences. Sarah Whitted, a local interior designer, was in charge of designing the inside of the bookstore. We worked in collaboration with Sarah to ensure that the furniture we were creating would match the aesthetic elements of the interior so that the bookstore would look beautiful and appealing to shoppers.

charis bible college furniture

During the course of the project, we designed and manufactured several pieces of custom furniture. The shelves and units we created were designed to allow Charis to easily display their clothing, books, and merchandise.

charis bible college custom furniture

Each design was carefully and painstakingly created to encourage high levels of customer interaction and engagement. Our goal was to create furniture that would draw attention to the products for sale and help the bookstore become profitable.

charis bible college bookstore furniture

In the end, our clients were extremely pleased with the results. Their new bookstore looked absolutely stunning and was equipped with numerous pieces of furniture that they could use to display their merchandise.

Overall, this was an amazing project for Supple to be involved in. The relationships we created with Charis, Sarah Whitted, and Canter turned out to be fantastic partnerships.

As a final note, we’d like to give a special thanks to our clients and everyone involved! We look forward to working with you all again in the future!