As the new year approaches, educators are looking for innovative ways to use classroom furniture to help their students learn more effectively and become more invested in their projects and school work. In the past, schools gave little attention to classroom design, but this matter has changed greatly over the last few years.

Educators and school board members are now realizing that they way that they use space in their school and classrooms has a major impact on student learning. Students are more focused and productive when they can work in a learning environment that is comfortable and allows for movement and collaboration.

Strong emphasis is being placed on technology, group projects, and STEM curriculum. For this reason, many educators have switched to more modern and flexible classroom furniture such as comfortable seating, mobile workstations, and makerspace tables. Below, we’ve highlighted some unique and creative classroom furniture ideas that educators can use to improve their learning space in the year 2019.

Unique & Creative Classroom Furniture Ideas for 2019

Collaborative furniture
Students become more invested and engaged in their learning when they can work collaboratively. For this reason, many schools are starting to incorporate collaborative furniture such as collaborative tables, technology work stations, swivel chairs, and desks that rotate.

Comfortable seating
Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the inclusion of comfortable seating options in educational environments. Traditional fixed desks have been replaced by bean bag chairs, sofas, stools, and low tables. These spaces provide a more comfortable and relaxing places for students to become absorbed in reading and group projects, eliminating the distraction caused by stiff chairs and hard surfaces.

Makerspaces have been used in the professional world for quite some time, but recently educators have realized that they can be quite beneficial in the classroom environment as well. Makerspaces are great for adding additional storage to classrooms and creating designated spaces for group projects. In this way, schools are shifting away from a traditional teacher focused classroom design towards a classroom setup that prioritizes student activity.

Get Your Classroom Ready for the Upcoming School Year

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