At Supple, we see each project as an opportunity to collaborate with amazing partners, new and old. Every project becomes a great melting pot of ideas brought together in creative ways which we aren’t able to fully appreciate until the job is done.  Right now, we’re in the final stages of putting together the Castlewood library, a part of the Arapahoe County Libraries.  Here we have had a great opportunity to work with one of our favorite architecture firms, OZ Architecture, and one of our favorite independent Interior Design partners, Ali Johnston, who always make these projects fun and who always find interesting ways to bring out the best in our work.  As this project wraps up, we’re finally standing back a little and seeing the results of the collaboration come more clearly to light.

As we move though the details of a library, many different people are involved. There are the library facilities folks, the librarians, architects, the general contractor, specialty designers like Ali along with our designer and development team here at Supple.  At the planning stage, we all get to listen to input from everyone, synthesize it and draw up what will make this project truly special. Ali, who we have worked with in the past, is great at understanding complex issues and bringing the team together to jointly solve any problems.  A strong team and especially a great connection between the client, the architect/interior designers always seems to create the opportunity for us to deliver special solutions.

At Castlewood library we brought together some of our standard designs, energized in new beautifully creative ways. We developed service point desks throughout the library, end panels and canopies, a new adaptation of our popular Jelly mobile book displays, and a collection of our Fold computer access points. As the library gets ready to (finally – damn you, Covid!) open at the end of the month, we are excited to see how everything has come together and look forward to (virtually) celebrating with our extended team of problem solvers.