Eco-friendly designs are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to modern office furniture. There are many benefits of going green in your office. Eco-friendly practices can help businesses attract more customers, increase job satisfaction and workplace morale, and even help cut down on expenses.1

Whether you’re in the midst of plans for opening up a new office or renovating one you currently occupy, eco friendliness is definitely something you should consider. Here are some of our recommendations for eco-friendly and modern office furniture.

Our Top 5 Picks for Eco-Friendly Modern Office Furniture

Protect the environment and go green at work with these eco-friendly modern office furniture items:

1. Jump Service Points
Impress your customers right off the bat with eco-friendly desks for your lobby or receptionist area. Our Jump Service Points are made from earth-friendly materials and exhibit a sleek, modern design.

2. Maker Workstations
Bring the beautiful, inviting look of natural wood into your office with our Maker Workstations. These elegant, yet durable tables are made from beetle kill pine and other sustainable materials that have low environmental impact.

3. Jelly Mobile Book Displays
Add a pop of color to your office and create beautiful storage areas with our Jelly Mobile Book Displays. Perfect for storing magazines, manuals, and more, these shelving units are four-sided and mobile so you can store a large number of items and move them around as needed.

4. Swoops Mobile Units for Highlighting Collections
Bring attention to brochures, catalogs, and other informational materials with our Swoops Mobile Units. The unique shape and beautiful natural wood color makes these shelving units stand out so that customers are naturally drawn to marketing materials and educational literature.

5. Caps End Panels & Canopies
Create additional storage space for your writing utensils, files, and office supplies by adding our Caps End Panels and Canopies to the desks in your office. You’ll love the natural wood finish and beautiful texture of this eco-friendly, yet modern office furniture.

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Create a more enjoyable and environmentally friendly workplace. Start browsing eco-friendly modern furniture solutions for your office today!

1. Suresh, Akhilesh & Devadasan, Pradeep. (2017). Going Green in Business-A Study on the Eco-friendly Initiatives towards Sustainable Development in India. 10.5281/zenodo.1017596.