Are you looking for ways to educate your learners on the importance of sustainability? Libraries and schools are our society’s primary means of educating the next generation and preparing them for the future. But all too often the topic of sustainability is kept out of the classroom. Sustainable furniture can help libraries and schools teach youth about the importance of environmental protection and sustainable living.

Why Is It Important to Teach Kids About Sustainability?

Teaching about sustainability in our libraries and classrooms is important for many reasons. For one, it helps foster an eco friendly mindset at a young age. One day, these children will grow up to be adults and become active members of society. By educating them on eco-consciousness early on, we can help create a more sustainable society. Secondly, teaching kids about sustainability can help them understand that there are consequences to their actions and that they are responsible for the future of the environment.

How Sustainable Furniture Can Help

Bringing sustainable furniture into our libraries and schools is a great way to start discussions about environmental conservation. Educators can use furniture as props for lectures and lessons on environmental science. Furthermore, having sustainable furniture in the classroom helps reinforce the idea that protecting the environment is important and is something that model adults do.

Why Buy Furniture from the Supple Collection

Furniture from the Supple Collection is made with eco friendly and responsibly sourced materials. We use materials like Richlite and beetle kill pine in an effort to reduce our environmental impact and promote material recycling and reuse. Additionally, we examine the entire life cycle of our products upon design, and try to create items that minimize waste and pollution. Protecting the environment is important to us too and we try our best to create items that keep our planet and its inhabitants safe.

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