In recent years, society has made considerable progress in shifting towards a much more sustainable state of existence. But we’re far from where we need to be. Recent environmental, social, and health concerns have made it obvious that further change is needed, and that sustainability is more important than ever before.

That’s why at the Supple Collection, we’ve made it our mission to advocate for the wellbeing of our environment. We treasure that which provides our quality of life and the lives of others. We’re passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment, and we try to implement eco-friendly practices whenever possible.

That’s why we were elated when we found Richlite. Richlite is an industrial-grade paper composite material produced by a sustainable manufacturing facility in the Pacific Northwest. The manufacturers at Richlite care just as much as we do about the environment, and go above and beyond to make sure that their products are environmentally-friendly. We’ve been using their products for years and have a lot of respect for everything they’re doing to make the world a better place.

richlite material

What Is Richlite?

Richlite is an ultra-durable material made from resin-infused paper. It’s strong and durable like hardwood, but better. Not only is it a much more sustainable option, but it’s also highly sanitary, water, heat, and fire-resistant, and remarkably dense. It’s made from 100% recycled products and has a stunning natural appearance.

supple furniture

Why We Use Richlite for Our Furniture

All of the standard products in the Supple Collection are made from Richlite. We use Richlite because it aligns with our core values and produces first-rate results.

  • Durable – Because of its steadfast strength and durability, Richlite is an ideal material for manufacturing our Maker workstations, tabletops, and furniture.
  • Earth Friendly – Richlite is made from recycled substances and pulp derived from ethically harvested trees. Their waste-to-energy technology allows energy from the manufacturing process to be recycled back into the heating system.
  • Versatile – Richlite is available in a number of attractive colors and surfaces options, making it easy to fabricate virtually any design aesthetic.

Working with Richlite has been such a fantastic experience and we look forward to seeing all of the amazing things that their company will accomplish in the future as they continue to work towards their goal of improving global sustainability.

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