Buyers often cite price as their main reason for making a purchase. But while a product with a lower price tag may seem like the most practical decision, the big-picture consequences are devastating.

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The Problem with Mass Produced Furniture

When you buy mass produced furniture online, you have no idea where the materials were sourced from or what methodologies were used in the manufacturing process. In other words, your purchase could be contributing to environmental pollution, unfair labor practices, social crises, and disease. What’s more, these types of purchases strip the community of revenue that’s needed to fuel small businesses and grow the economy. That means you’re limiting your profit potential by reducing the number of buyers who can afford to purchase your products.

If you help manage a library, school, or coworking space, this is especially problematic. Your audience views you as a leader in social change and a valuable source of information. Is this really the kind of message that you want to be sending them?

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The Importance of Buying Furniture that’s Been Sourced Responsibly

That’s why it’s so important to purchase furniture that’s made from locally sourced materials. By buying desks, shelves, worktables, and chairs that are made from materials derived from the nearby area, you are making a decision that positively impacts people as well as the planet at large.

Implementing Sustainable Business Practices

When you’re making a purchase, whether it’s buying furniture for your learning space or something else like supplies or materials, it’s important to examine factors other than just the cost. We’re not saying that price isn’t important. Every business has a budget, so of course cost has to be taken into consideration. But at the same time, a decision that doesn’t take ethics into consideration is… well, careless. As members of the same planet, we all have a responsibility to each other and the place we call home. When businesses implement sustainable practices, everyone benefits.

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Benefits of Buying Locally Sourced Products

Buying furniture that’s sourced locally and made from sustainable materials is a great way to make your operations more environmentally responsible and earth-friendly. Here are just some of the many benefits of this practice:

  • Reduces pollution: Buying furniture that’s sourced locally helps reduce pollution by cutting down on fuel and the extent of transportation.
  • Encourages biodiversity: Buying products made from local materials encourages biodiversity, which in turn prevents disease and soil pollution.
  • Supports the local economy: When you buy products from local vendors, you’re supporting your community and helping to strengthen the economy.
  • Fights unfair working conditions: Products that are bought locally are less likely to be purchased from companies that engage in unfair working conditions abroad.
  • Competitive advantage: Creating a green space could help you earn loyal customers and increase your profits. Customers are much more likely to engage in transactions that benefit small businesses and their community.


When you take the benefits into consideration, it’s easy to see how spending the few extra bucks on quality products is a much more responsible and compassionate decision. Purchasing furniture that’s locally and responsibly sourced can benefit the community, planet, and your business or organization.

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