We had just developed a small mobile meeting space for Battery621, the shared office space Supple shares with about 30 other young creative companies that call this space home. Battery621 has a couple main conference rooms, and lots of small niche areas folks can use for personal workspace, telephone conversations, and even a 3000 sq. ft. rooftop deck.

wave cloud acoustic lighting

Even with all these breakaway areas we were in need of extra quiet spaces where small groups could post up together – smaller conference spaces with a nice table/ white boards and a flat screen onto which we could share our screens and have online conferences with privacy. The new mobile mini conference room, the Cove, immediately became the most sought after space in the building. In order to both illuminate this space, give it visual interest, and cut down on the sound coming in and out of this room, the team pulled together to develop the Wave acoustic light.

wave cloud acoustic light

We decided to use acoustic felt board, made from recycled PET bottles, and found that not only was it a great sound absorber, and fire resistant, it was also able to serve as the foundational structural element. Large surface area was the key to cutting down noise. Juan Hernandez, a master fabricator on our team who brings great energy to every project we get to work on, along with an eclectic mix of architectural/ interior design acumen took one of the ideas that we were floating around, developed it a bit further and came in the next day with a 1:10 scale model that he had built the night before. What looked interesting in a sketch truly came to life when he skillfully modeled it out.

wave acoustic light feature library

As soon as it was installed in our Cove conference room, we invited a client that we had just finished up a fun project for, Holly Whelan, Library Manager at Arapahoe County Library District over to see it. Her trip had a dual purpose, as she wanted to see a Connor Wood Bicycle crafted by Supple’s Head of Product, Chris Connor. When she saw the piece she immediately knew that she needed a few of these acoustic lights in the library we had just finished up with/ for her and her amazing team within the May Library.