It’s been a while since we posted a blog about what we’re working on here at Supple, so we thought that we’d take this moment to fill you all in. The last few months have been extremely exciting for us. We’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects for libraries, coworking offices, and makerspaces here in our local community, as well as a few out-of-state projects. But perhaps one of the projects that we’ve been most excited about is our work at KND Labs.

KND Labs is a CBD manufacturing facility located in Lakewood, Colorado. The company adopts a uniquely innovative approach in all of its manufacturing processes, using industry-leading methods to distill, extract, and formulate their products. After seeing examples of some of our work, the company approached us and asked if we wanted to be part of an upcoming fabrication project.

Of course, we accepted with enthusiasm. We went to work right away, discussing their needs and goals for their project. During our conversations, we discovered that they wanted to add some custom artwork to their building that would portray their scientific roots. It was also important to them to increase their brand visibility. Therefore, they wanted two items, one which they could hang in their entryway, and one for the interior.

This project was a lot of fun because it allowed us to work creatively, but it wasn’t free of challenges. We started off by designing the interior piece and using part of their logo to create an interesting design of a blue mountain. Then, to highlight the scientific nature of their business, we decided to hang some chemistry flasks beakers in front of the mountain design and fill them with a blue liquid to match their brand colors.

For the entryway piece, we did something similar, but used the entire logo. We decided to give the logo a raised effect for extra depth and dimension. Then, we decided that we would create an outline of the mountains using a metal material and then use a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to create the letters.

The concept looked brilliant on paper, but it required some critical thinking to actually bring it to life. First, we had to figure out how to match their brand colors. Then, our next challenge was to find a way to hang the chemistry flasks and keep the liquid inside from evaporating.

knd labs signage

We began searching for the right paint and eventually came across a brand of spray paint called Montana Colors. We tested it out and were amazed by how rich and vivid the color was. We cut out the letters for the entryway piece from the MDF and coated them with an automotive paint primer. We did this to prevent the spray paint from seeping into the pores of the wood. After the primer dried, we applied the blue spray paint. We were amazed and thrilled with the smooth, consistent appearance that resulted from this combination.


Then, we went to work to solve our next challenge, which was hanging the beakers for the interior piece. We found a high tensile fishing wire that could hold up to 150 lbs. After some testing, we were pretty convinced that it would work. First, we filled the beakers with liquid. Then, we took the wire, cut it into pieces, and attached some washers to the ends. Next, we threaded the wire through the bottle stoppers, and jammed them into the beakers. This would prevent the liquid from evaporating. Finally, we hung the beakers in a grid pattern in front of the blue mountain design.

knd labs custom artwork

The results were stunning. Both pieces looked absolutely magnificent once they were finished. We are so proud of our team for their hard work and effort during this project, especially since they had to overcome some difficult design challenges. We are glad that we had the opportunity to collaborate with the staff at KND Labs and look forward to all of the exciting things we will accomplish in the future.

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