In recent years, STEM and STEAM curriculum has risen in popularity due to an increased need to prepare students for positions in the industries of technology, medicine, and engineering. STEM programs stress concepts related to science, technology, math, and engineering while STEAM programs add the arts into the mix.

Whether your school uses STEM or STEAM curriculum, the goal is generally the same – to integrate concepts from multiple subjects into one activity or learning experience. This means that schools need equipment and space that accommodates hands-on projects. That’s why many schools are starting to add makerspaces to classrooms and libraries so students can more readily engage in these types of projects and effectively grasp concepts that are part of STEM and STEAM curriculum.

What Are Makerspaces?

Makerspaces are places where people who have common interests can come together to share ideas and interact as they create, make, and build. They are often equipped with special tools, materials, and equipment. In schools, educators are incorporating makerspaces into their classrooms to give students a place where they can explore their interests, experiment, and work on group projects.

How Makerspaces Facilitate STEM Learning

Makerspaces are used by individuals of all ages and stages of life, so they can be easily incorporated into classrooms of any grade level. Teachers can use makerspaces to facilitate a wide range of projects related to STEM concepts. The goal of a makerspace is simply to give students a place where they can work on projects that help them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Makerspaces facilitate STEM learning because they prompt students to question, hypothesize, investigate, explore, and test different strategies. The scientific method comes to life. In this way, they are using higher level thinking without really even noticing it because the process of making and creating is so natural.

When students work together in makerspaces, a stronger sense of community develops in the classroom. Students forge bonds through the process of conducting group projects and working to obtain a common goal.

Makerspace Furniture from the Supple Collection

Furniture from the Supple Collection is designed to provide educators with an easy way to create a makerspace in their classroom. Handcrafted from sustainable materials, our furniture is an eco friendly solution that helps conserve natural resources. Pieces from the Supple Collection facilitate easy movement and collaboration and are mobile and multi-modal so they can be used for a variety of needs within schools.

If you are interested in creating a makerspace for your school or classroom and are looking for assistance, we would to help and be a part of your project. Contact us today to begin discussing ideas!