Are you renovating or in the midst of constructing a library? Have you decided what furniture you’ll use? The furniture you select from your library will greatly influence the experience your patrons have when they come to visit. It’s important to select furniture that will cater to your customers’ enjoyment and needs. Here are a few modern library furniture essentials that no public library should be without!

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How Modern Library Furniture Can Create a Positive Visitor Experience

Libraries are important for the community because they’re full of resources. When people come to visit the library, they usually have a particular goal in mind. Sometimes people are looking for books and other times, they may be seeking a quiet space where they can study or work.

The furniture you choose for your library can greatly affect how your patrons interact with learning materials and the type of experience they have during their visit. Bookshelves that display literature in unique, interesting ways look more exciting and are more likely to gain interaction. Libraries with comfortable seating options like couches and bean bag chairs are more enjoyable and therefore receive more traffic than others. When choosing library furniture, it’s important to be aware of how the pieces you select will affect your visitors.

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Furniture Essentials for Modern Libraries

Are you trying to decide on what modern library furniture to add to your space? Here are some items you shouldn’t go without!

Lounge Seating – Every library should be equipped with comfortable lounge seating where people can relax and read a book or work together in study groups.

Book Displays – In addition to traditional shelving, libraries should also be equipped with book displays that present literature in interesting ways in order to engage visitors

Service Points – Service points that are placed in natural traffic patterns make it easy for visitors to find librarians and get answers to their questions

Other Considerations – Some other modern library furniture to consider include digital media displays, study carrels, wall shelving units, and units for highlighting collections

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