Numerous communities across the U.S. continue to be impacted by the coronavirus. From restaurant and school closures to shelter in place orders, there are numerous restrictions that severely impact the way that the average American lives. During these dark and strange times, unlikely heroes have emerged. This includes public libraries.

Libraries are aware of the ways that their communities are being impacted and they’re stepping up to help. They’re providing more resources than ever before and community members are eager to use them.

Communities Turn to Libraries for Support During the Pandemic

New data shows that more people are using library services during the coronavirus pandemic than ever before. People are taking advantage of the additional services being offered like e-book borrowing and curbside pickup. They know that the library is there for them to use and it’s free. This demonstrates how important libraries are to their communities and that community members still value them, even in the digital age.

Libraries Are More Relevant Than Ever Before

Prior to the pandemic, there was some concern that libraries in general were becoming outdated and no longer useful. However, what this side of the argument fails to recognize is the changes libraries are making. Libraries understand that the world around them is changing and they’re adapting to meet the current needs of their community.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a shortage of resources worldwide. Schools are closed and people are out of jobs. But the need for resources, education, and entertainment remains. Libraries are able to close that gap by providing these resources for free. This proves that, despite the popular opinion, libraries are far from irrelevant. Communities want and need them.

Ways Libraries Are Serving Their Communities During COVID-19

During this time, libraries are stepping up to support their community in numerous ways. Some are doing this by making their services available even when their doors are closed. Others are offering additional services on top of the preexisting ones. Here are just a few ways that libraries are helping out:

  • Making ebook borrowing available as an option
  • Offering curbside pickup for books and digital media
  • Providing virtual storytime hour
  • Using 3D printers to make face shields
  • Coordinating local services
  • Providing virtual library cards
  • A Special Thanks to Our Local Libraries

    At the Supple Collection, we are so amazed by how our partner libraries and others around the country are responding during this time. On behalf of everyone, we want to say thank you to the wonderful librarians, staff, and volunteers that have helped served their community during this critical time. Thank you libraries!!