The Supple Collection is excited to announce that we have successfully completed another renovation for the Meadows Library Branch in Boulder. This was our second time working at the Meadows Branch and alongside the staff there, as well as our third renovation for Boulder Public Libraries.

Working with Boulder Public Libraries is always an exciting endeavor for us because the projects truly embody our passion and mission here at Supple. As an organization that aims to impact communities, we find these opportunities to work within libraries extremely rewarding since they do so much to support and educate people in their neighborhood.

The needs within communities have changed so dramatically in the last few years and libraries, like Boulder Public Libraries, are doing a major part to fulfill them. However, this, of course, requires some changes to be made to the library itself. Libraries need to be able to support learning catered towards hands on activities, technology, and science lessons.

That’s what makes furniture from the Supple Collection perfect for libraries. Since our furniture is multi-modal and adaptable, it provides libraries with flexibility to use their space in new ways. Better shelving units, like our Jelly and Beehive displays, make it easier to store more books in a single area, which frees up space elsewhere in the library so it can be used as office rooms and meeting areas for businesses and remote workers. And our Maker Work Stations make it easy to hold hands-on activities almost anywhere.

We are thrilled that our partnership with BPL has turned out to be such a success and look forward to be able to work in conjunction with them on future projects.

If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for your library, we encourage you to stop by and check out our work at the Meadows Branch in Boulder!