Is sustainability a priority for your business? If not, it should be. Eco-friendly business models are more appealing to modern consumers, attract better employees, have higher job satisfaction scores, and spend less money on operating costs.

Still, any change to your office requires an investment on your behalf. You may wonder if switching to eco-friendly office furniture is worth the investment. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to consider taking the plunge anyway.

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Five Good Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Office Furniture in 2019

Are you still using vinyl office chairs and plastic tables in your office? Here’s five good reasons why you should consider switching to eco-friendly office furniture this year.

1. It’s low in toxicity. It’s common for cheaper furniture made from plastic and metal to also contain toxic chemicals and paint. Eco-friendly furniture is made with safer, more natural materials that have lower levels of toxicity and are safer for human use.

2. It reduces pollution. Buying furniture made from eco-friendly and recycled materials can help limit resource consumption and reduce pollution. The longer that we use materials, the less we consume and waste.

3. You can help stop climate change. Studies show that deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change.1 By purchasing eco-friendly furniture, you’re supporting green businesses and doing your part to protect the environment.

4. It’s good for business. Consumers today are much more educated than those of the past. They want to support eco-friendly businesses. Using eco-friendly furniture shows your customers that you care about the environment and builds loyalty.

5. You’ll attract better employees. People want to work for businesses that care about the same things they do. Environmental advocacy is growing among college graduates and millennial workers. Adding eco-friendly furniture to your office is a great way to attract the kind of employees that you want working for your company.

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Our Approach at the Supple Collection

At the Supple Collection, we do everything we can to make sure that our products are safe for both our customers and the environment. This means using only materials that are sustainable and low in toxicity. We examine the entire product life cycle to ensure that our furniture has minimal impact on the environment.

Create a More Eco-Friendly Space

Do your part to protect the planet by going green in your office. Browse eco-friendly furniture from the Supple Collection today to get started.

1. Longobardi P, Montenegro A, Beltrami H, Eby M (2016) Deforestation Induced Climate Change: Effects of Spatial Scale. PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153357.