In an office, organization is everything. How you organize your desk, your conference rooms, and overall layout makes a huge impact on how you work. It’s much easier to focus and work efficiently when you know where everything is and can get to it quickly.

But what if you’re working with a limited amount of space? In smaller spaces, it can be challenging to find a way to store all of your materials, equipment, and supplies, and maintain the flow and functionality of your office.

That’s where these office design hacks can help! By using furniture designed for small spaces, you can easily organize your office and make it more enjoyable for yourself and everyone else around you.

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The Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces

If you’re having a hard time keeping everything organized in your office or you’re not sure what to do with such a small space, these office design hacks may help. Here are some of our recommendations for office furniture for small spaces:

beehive wall units

1. Beehive Wall Units

If you’re tight on floor space, focus on ways that you can utilize the vertical space in your office. While traditional shelves require a lot of floor space, wall shelving units do not. Our Beehive Wall Units are perfect for transforming unused walls into functional storage areas.

2. Caps End Panels & Canopies

Another great alternative to adding extra shelves or file cabinets to your office is to add end panels and canopies to the end of your desk or tables. Our Caps End Panels and Canopies are an aesthetically pleasing choice as well as practical one. Simply add them on to your existing furniture to create additional shelving and storage space.

supple maker school

3. Maker Active Work Zones

To save space, try including furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. Instead of buying two tables, one for your conference room and one for events, opt for a single table on caster wheels that can be rolled from one room to the next. Our Maker Active Work Zone tables even have a secret storage compartment that you can use for storing extra equipment.

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