Is your office furniture affecting your employees’ mental health? Science says yes! Because of advancements in technology, many companies have now gained the ability to employ remote workers. While remote positions can be beneficial in many ways due to the flexibility they provide, they also may limit social interactions and affect mental health.

The good news is, there’s an easy way for companies to combat the issue and help their employees remain healthy. By using the right coworking space furniture, companies can help employees stay engaged in activities that promote social interaction and mental wellness.

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Ways that Coworking Space Furniture Can Improve Mental Health

Many people prefer to work independently. However, sitting at a desk for hours at a time, completely isolated from other human beings can quickly become a problem. Why? Because it limits social interaction which can lead to a decline in mental health and happiness.

By equipping your shared office with the right furniture and equipment, you can help your employees stay connected and social, and help them remain happy and healthy. Here are a few ways that coworking space furniture supports mental wellness.

  • Encourages Socialization – A recent study found that approximately 83% of coworkers choose to work in a shared office because it gives them a way to engage in social interactions. This same study concluded that coworkers are an important support tool for independent workers.1
  • Promotes Physical Activity – Physical activity stimulates the release of mood-boosting endorphins and can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Coworking space furniture like sit-stand desks and exercise balls are great for promoting physical activity.
  • Access to Nature – Being in nature reduces feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry. Coworking space furniture that reminds us of nature, such as items made from natural wood or that exhibit earth tones, can help coworkers feel more connected to the outdoors and remain calm and at ease throughout the day.

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What Makes the Supple Collection Unique

When choosing furniture for your coworking office, it’s important to take mental health factors into consideration. Because your employees are the backbone of your business, you want to choose furniture that caters to their success and satisfaction and promotes mental wellness.

The Supple Collection is a unique line of furniture designed specifically for the needs of coworking offices. All of our pieces are made from natural, sustainable sources and are designed to promote movement, collaboration, and productivity. Check out our online catalog to start browsing our furniture today!

Get Help with Designing Your Coworking Space

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1. See also Gerdenitsch, Cornelia et al. “Coworking Spaces: A Source of Social Support for Independent Professionals.” Frontiers in psychology vol. 7 581. 25 Apr. 2016, doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00581