As society advances and evolves, so do the spaces we work in. Today, the cubicle office is recognized as a thing of the past. People want to work in an environment that’s social, comfortable, innovative, and flexible. And contemporary office furniture is making this possible.

Contemporary office furniture looks nothing like traditional office furniture. Furniture that was once designed to promote privacy and quiet, individual work has now been abandoned for comfortable lounge areas, portable devices, tech integrations, and nature themed designs.

But why the sudden change? Studies have found that switching to this type of furniture can actually boost office sales and productivity.1 The bottom line is, when your employees are happy, your business is happy and more profitable. And the furniture you choose for your office has a direct impact on employee health and happiness.

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Trends in Contemporary Office Furniture for 2019

Get your office up to date with the latest trends and innovations. Check out the top trends in contemporary office furniture for 2019:

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Lounge Seating

Today’s office furniture is all about comfort. More and more offices these days are adding comfortable seating options like sofas, recliners, and bean bag chairs.

Mobile Furniture

Mobile and adaptable furniture is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Why? Because it saves money and space. Why buy a table each for your meetings and buffet nights when you can simply buy one table on caster wheels that can be rolled from your conference room into the cafeteria area? Mobile furniture just makes sense.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

People want to work in places that support the same ideals and causes they care about, like protecting the environment. That’s why so many contemporary offices today are equipped with eco friendly furniture made from sustainable sources and recycled materials.

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1. Dr. Preston, Camille. “Promoting Employee Happiness Benefits Everyone”. Forbes. 13 Dec 2017.