No longer just a growing trend, the coworking movement is now in full swing. It’s hard to believe that coworker offices first showed up on the scene in the business world almost ten years ago. Since then, the number of coworking spaces has increased tremendously, and offices have evolved in inspiring ways.

Creativity runs wild through today’s coworking offices. One can walk into a coworking space and encounter everything from employees doing yoga during the workday to indoor gardens, game rooms with foosball tables and ping pong to fun seating options like bean bags and indoor swings. Owners of these spaces have taken innovative approaches to addressing their design, flow, and layout. Coworking furniture is carefully selected and spaces are designed with employee well-being being the highest priority.

coworking space trends

The Latest Trends in Coworking Spaces

As coworking offices continue to increase in number throughout the next few years, experts expect that they’ll continue to change and involve. Here are some of the new innovations that are predicted to grow in popularity in the coworking world:

High Tech Solutions

The types of businesses that are drawn to the coworking environment are those that value innovation. For these businesses, finding creative ways to streamline their processes and make management tasks easier is a high priority. Technology will become heavily integrated into coworking environments as a way to automate processes and eliminate the need for human interference, saving time and money.

Flexibility Is Key

Coworking spaces often house growing businesses. And the needs of growing businesses are constantly changing, meaning that the space they operate in has to adapt as well. That’s why in the future, we will see more and more coworking offices with multi-modal furniture, movable walls, mobile makerspaces, and other solutions that provide flexibility so that spaces can be continually reconfigured.

Niche Coworking

Niche coworking spaces are a trend that will continue to grow in popularity. Niche coworking offices cater to the needs of a specific job or industry, such as artists or digital marketers. Niche spaces provide all the tools and equipment that people in these industries need instead of trying to cater to a wide audience with vastly different demands. These spaces typically have tight-knit communities since the individuals working within them have similar backgrounds and interests.

Health First

There is a great amount of research that shows that exercising and being in nature greatly improves our bodily and mental health. When workers feel healthier and happier, they’re more productive. Businesses have found that carving out an hour of time for group exercise or meditation can be beneficial because employees are more productive, even if they are sitting at a desk or computer for a shorter period of time. For this reason, many coworking spaces in the future will prioritize employee health by including healthy snack options, fitness classes, and design elements that mimic the outdoors such as artificial waterfalls, abundant natural light, live plants, and gardens.

In addition to the changes described above, coworking spaces will continue to grow and evolve over the next few years in many exciting new ways. It seems that with the way things are going, the only limit is the imagination.

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