Today, an increasing number of colleges are realizing that the way they use space is important for student success. Colleges and universities are starting to understand that the design of a classroom or campus is just as important as what’s being taught.

As a result, they’re starting to be more selective about the type of furniture they include in classrooms, dorms, and study areas. Numerous studies have proven that students are more likely to interact with one another, become more engaged, and stay focused when their college uses furniture that caters to their success.1

Here are some different ways that colleges and universities can strategically use furniture to improve on-campus learning.

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How to Design Your College Campus for Success

Planning and design have a huge impact on colleges and universities. Students need areas where they can focus and study independently as well as spaces where they can interact with their peers and work on group projects. Here are a few different ways colleges can use furniture to help students have a better experience:

1. Turn hallways into quiet study areas. A few years ago, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville decided to focus on creating better hallways for their buildings. They found that adding lounge seating and coffee tables to their hallways was a great way to create quiet study areas.2 Students gravitated towards these spaces because they were right outside of their classrooms and could be used before or after their next period.

2. Increase retention with comfortable lounge areas. In 2014, Arizona State University decided to renovate some of their unused spaces in order to create comfortable hangout and study areas. An increase in student satisfaction led to improved retention rates.

3. Reduce stress by providing access to the outdoors. Being in college is a stressful experience. Having access to outdoor spaces is important for student’s mental health and success in the classroom. Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC found that by adding lightweight tables and chairs to outdoor areas, they were able to encourage students to spend more time outside in the sun and being active.

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