The Supple Collection has some great news to share. We are in the midst of working on project for Colorado State University that will be completed in the very near future.

We are excited for the opportunity to partner with the leaders at CSU for a second time. For our previous project, we worked under the name of our sister company, the Public Works, to create a Hall of Fame for the Warner College of Natural Resources Building at the university as well as some smaller custom items for the Dean’s office.

This time, we will be returning again and the team from the Supple Collection will be working alongside the team at the Public Works to create a mural for the Michael Smith Natural Resources Building. We will also be working with Mark Hanson and Cameron Nelson from the CSU Creative Services Department, who created the beautiful design that we will be bringing to life.

In effort to be as conservative as possible, we will be using locally sourced Beetle Kill Pine to create the mural. Beetle Kill Pine is considered to be an environmentally friendly material because using it prevents carbon dioxide pollution and helps to keep forests clear and healthy. The design will be laser etched into the pine and assembled by our team. Altogether, there will be 11 custom designed panels for the mural, or one for each department at the university.

We feel extremely honored to work alongside the talented individuals at CSU as well as our fellow team members at the Public Works. We look forward to the great things that we will accomplish together.

To learn more about the renovations at the Michael Smith Natural Resources Building, you can visit the CSU website to read about it online or visit the campus in person.