As we head into the new school year, it’s important to consider changes that will set students up for success. Classroom furniture plays an important role in active learning, which is why many schools are turning to more innovative and advanced solutions like adjustable desks.

Adjustable desks provide amazing benefits to students, no matter the age or subject being taught. In fact, they’re so incredible that we think every classroom should have them. Here’s why.

What Are Adjustable Desks?

Adjustable desks are desks that can be altered for task and health-related purposes. This makes them different than traditional student desks which remained fixed in one modality or position. Adjustable desks may be modified in order to suit a certain project or to accommodate different heights or seating preferences. Standing desks, sit-stands, and height adjustable desks all fall into this category.

Three Reasons Why Every Classroom Needs Convertible Desks

Today, many schools are beginning to realize the benefits of adding flexible and height-adjustable furniture to classrooms. Teachers have noticed incredible improvements after making these changes, so much that many are starting to adopt the opinion that adjustable desks are not just a commodity, but rather a necessity. Here’s why.

1. They increase student engagement. Being forced to sit still all day is difficult for many students. They lose focus and their mind wanders. Recent research has shown that furniture that allows students to move and fidget can increase engagement. One study concluded that 65% of people who used adjustable workstations over the course of a year experienced an increase in productivity.1

2. The health benefits are significant. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a variety of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and mental health disorders. Using a standing desk may help keep students healthier and more active. Research suggests that standing desks can increase calorie expenditure by up to 15%.2

3. Reduces back, neck, and shoulder pain. Traditional desks do not come with height-adjustable features. Students who are taller or shorter than average may be forced to sit hunched over in order to do their schoolwork. Sit-stands and adjustable desks may help avoid these issues and eliminate chronic pain.

Browse Furniture from the Supple Collection

Implementing adjustable desks and other flexible furniture can make a huge difference in a classroom. All pieces from the Supple Collection are multi-modal and adaptable, so they can be customized to the individual needs of every student. Browse our catalog to see examples of our furniture or contact our office directly to speak to a representative from our team.

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2. 11 Standing Desk Benefits. VARIDESK.