Who would have ever thought that the products we make for libraries would also be in the coolest bar in Aspen? Recently, we had the opportunity to develop some custom branding items for the Escobar in Aspen. And we are so excited about the way things turned out. 

Working in some place like a nightclub or restaurant is always interesting for us. Of course, there are some major differences between an entertainment venue and a public space like a library. The atmosphere is different, the audience is different. But these projects are also similar in a lot of ways too. The owners are looking to modernize and adapt their space to better suit their customers needs.  It all comes back to the same goal, which is to create a great space for their patrons.  

That being said, we knew that there would be some unique challenges involved in this project. For one, it required a lot of planning. Our shop is located in Denver. While it’s usually not difficult to make the trip to another city, going to Aspen meant driving up winding mountain roads that are packed with bumper to bumper traffic during the ski season. Furthermore, the fabrication process itself was challenging because it required us come up with some creative solutions to make the fixture work in their space, which was not only far away, but also uniquely shaped and sized. 

But if you know us, we’re always up for a challenge. They’re what makes our work fun and interesting. So we accepted with enthusiasm and put our heads together to come up with a plan.


escobar aspen

photo credit: escobaraspen.com

About the Escobar

The Escobar is an upscale nightclub located underground in Aspen. It’s one of the best kept secrets in town and is visited almost exclusively by locals. Once you walk downstairs, you’re greeted by a slew of neon lights as you step into a futuric-looking aluminum structure with no windows. The space contains a bar and a handful of private tables. It’s trendy and extravagant, but also highly intimate. 

But the best part is, you can fulfill your dreams of spraying champagne everywhere. In the back, they have a private champagne spray room for guests that want to take their partying to the next level. It’s a genuinely fun and interesting space.

Our Goal: Improve Functionality & Bring their Brand to Life

As you can imagine, when the owners of the Escobar presented us with an opportunity to work on their nightclub, we were ecstatic. They told us about the champagne spray room and how it was becoming an increasingly important part of their business. However, the room had previously been enclosed by a single curtain, which hardly did the job at containing the champagne. Furthermore, it blocked off the room entirely and they wanted to be able to highlight this important feature in their nightclub.

doors escobar aspen

They had a vision of a sliding glass door that was branded with their logo. But they weren’t sure how exactly to execute it. A standard door from a hardware store wouldn’t work for their space. So they asked us to help out. 

After hearing about their plans, we were excited to get started. We love being able to work on projects that require us to be artistic and creative. They’re fun and challenging, and in the end, you usually end up with something that’s truly unique. 


escobar aspen branding project supple collection

We started out by working on a prototype in our shop. Juan, who’s one of our most experienced designers and fabricators, spent hours crafting different versions.

escobar aspen sliding doors

We ended up deciding on an accordion-like design for the doors. But the main challenge was figuring out how to make the doors easy to close. After testing several springs with different tensions, we were finally able to find a good match.

branding escobar aspen

Our next step was to carry out the branding. We decided that adding a large version of their logo to the doors would increase their brand presence while also providing privacy.

In the end, the doors turned out beautiful. We confirmed they were ready for installation and made plans to head up to Aspen.

Frank and Chris left the shop at 3:00 am to make the long drive. The X-Games were going on in Aspen and we needed to get there before the roads started to get busy. We arrived in Aspen and searched for the unmarked bar. After finding the entrance, we headed downstairs into the curved aluminum structure.

Our next step was to install the doors so they would be fully operational. The challenge was, the building itself had curved walls while our doors were rectangular in shape. Needless to say, it was no easy task. But with a little bit of careful maneuvering and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, we were able to get the job done.

escobar aspen champage spray room doors

The owners were thrilled by the results. The doors looked beautiful and could be opened and closed with ease. The glass design and branding gave the room an elegant, polished appearance that was perfect for the overall ambiance of their space.

We finished the day by celebrating with lunch at Aspen Mountain at a restaurant called The Little Nell. Normally, you need to make reservations far in advance to get a table, but our friends at Escobar helped us out. We sat at the base of the mountain, eating and drinking delicious fare while reflecting on our adventure.