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Library Furniture that’s Great for Saving Space

Do you belong to a library that’s in the middle of a redesign? If so, you may be able to benefit from our space saving library furniture!

Today, many libraries recognize that their role in society is changing. Advancements in technology and science have created new community needs, such as access to 3D printers, additional office space for remote workers, and places where young learners can engage in hands on activities that will prepare them to fulfill roles in the engineering and medical fields.

By changing the way you use space in your library, you can free up room that can be used for other purposes and improve your library. You just need the right library furniture to get started.

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How Library Furniture & Design Impacts Learning

Have you ever wondered if your library is living up to its full potential? The goal of every library is to fulfill the needs of the surrounding community. Libraries provide services and resources that help the public stay informed, educated, healthy, and entertained. Why then are some libraries constantly buzzing with activity while others look as desolate as a ghost town? What makes some libraries more successful than others?

While numerous factors can affect the success of a library, perhaps the most important is library design. Library furniture and design plays a huge role in determining how people interact with a library and what importance they ascribe to its existence. If people visiting the library feel like their needs are being met, they are much more likely to return.

When planning a new library or remodeling an existing one, it’s important to a number of elements into consideration, including traffic patterns, accessibility, organization, comfort, and aesthetics.1 Optimizing libraries for positive interactions can lead to higher levels of engagement, deeper learning, and an increase in popularity, thus benefiting the surrounding community as well as the library itself.

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Three Benefits of Adding a Makerspace to Your School Library

In the past few years, makerspaces have become much more common in educational settings. No longer just a part of hackerspaces and fablabs, makerspaces can now be found in a variety of learning environments, from classrooms in preschools to STEM labs in elementary schools and art studios on college campuses.

A growing number of educators and school administrators are beginning to realize that makerspaces can make a huge impact on student learning and school culture. As a result, many schools have added makerspaces to their library. This kind of mentality is in itself revolutionary, since school libraries are traditionally thought of as being quiet, tidy spaces for individual learning. However, more and more, research is showing that students learn best when they can work in a collaborative environment and participate in hands-on activities.

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A Response to “Challenging Traditional Assumptions and Rethinking Learning Spaces” from the Book Learning Spaces

The idea that environments themselves significantly impact learning is a relatively new concept. Previously, discussions on how to improve classroom activity focused primarily on methods of teaching. The book Learning Spaces by Diana B. Oblinger challenges these old ideas and ways of thinking by shifting the focus away from simply what teachers and students are doing in the classroom and stepping back and examining the classroom as a whole. We are encouraged to consider how the design and composition of learning environments impact students, classroom culture, and the learning process.
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Advantages of Flexible Seating for School Libraries

Evolutions in technology and pedagogy have created a demand for new types of learning spaces. Educators are finding that students work and learn best in environments that are fun, engaging, and collaborative. For this reason, school libraries are beginning to change and evolve to include more flexible seating options.
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The Supple Collection is a unique brand of sustainable furniture for learning environments.

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