Greeley Library

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The Farr Library serves as a regional library for the High Plains Library District in Greeley, Colorado. The north east corner of Colorado is known for its wide open plains and hardworking demographic.  In addition to vibrancy and strength, the Farr library exhibits and celebrates this community, by embracing its regional setting and creating a private and secure gathering space for those interested enough to explore deeper into the library.  The 38,000 square-foot building houses approximately 125,000 items, 34 public computers, and free Wi-Fi access. Built in 2002 and named for prominent Greeley rancher and water rights activist, W.D. Farr, the Farr Regional Library was recently renovated with the interior being redesigned by Studiotrope Design Collective.


The library features a much loved and appreciated youth area, a large space dedicated to the local children, community meeting rooms, a café/vending area, 5 study rooms, and a fireplace which has become a favorite spot for readers in the winter.  The Farr Branch is a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center. As a member of this nationwide network of libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit agencies, the Farr Branch provides visitors with free public access to grants directories, books on fundraising and nonprofit management, and the Foundation Center’s electronic databases. The Farr Library offers a wide range of library programs, from story times for young customers, to one on one computer help sessions, homework help sessions, and book clubs for adults.  The Public Works was proud to collaborate on the design of many of the fixtures and furnishings of this new space.