Cherry Creek Library

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The Public Works has been able to design many pieces for the Supple Collection directly for the Denver Public Libraries.  The pieces we have at Ross-Cherry Creek Library display a wide variety of our functional pieces from the Jump, both standing and seated librarian help stations that allow the librarians to be out in the patron flow so that they can pre-empt their customers’ needs, to the BeeHive which was developed in conjunction with the Cherry Creek librarians to allow them to cordon off a space to allow lively interaction within the space without undo annoyance leaking out into the rest of the space.  Cherry Creek is one of six Denver Public Library branches designated as “Contemporary Service Style”. The entire interior of this library was redesigned and upgraded by the able minds over at Studiotrope who was commissioned to reinvent the interior of this branch. 

Selective re-configuration has resulted in a rebirth of the interior spatial relationships, creating ultra-flexible open spaces. The Public Works designed the Supple Collection pieces hand in hand with Joseph Montalbano and his amazing interior design team at Studiotrope Design Collective, integrating innovative wayfinding into the overall retrofit in a manner that lends to self-help and self-discovery. The vertical circulation components have been improved so customers can explore the entire facility without guidance. A component of the program unique to the Contemporary Service Style is the BeeHive, a space that will beckon and intrigue customers to stay in touch with current trends and the latest information. Furnishings in and around the BeeHive cater to an intensified customer-staff interactivity, encouraging information seekers to mix with information providers.