Bear Creek Library

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Bear-Valley-InfoBear-Valley-Library-Bug2Bear-Valley-Library-Bug3Bear-Valley-Library-Bug4Bear-Valley-Library-Check-Out-2View of the Check Out area at the Bear Valley LibrarySelf Check Out items at the Bear Valley Library Check Out Kiosk.Bear-Valley-Library-Conference-RoomBear-Valley-Library-End-PanelBear-Valley-Library-End-Panel1Bear Valley End CapBear-Valley-Library-Jelly1Bear-Valley-Library-Jelly2Bear-Valley-Library-Jelly3Bear-Valley-Library-Jump3Bear-Valley-Library-Jump4Bear-Valley-Library-MagazinesBear-Valley-Library-View2Bear-Valley-Library-Work-Cener1Bear-Valley-Library-Work-Center2Bear-Valley-Library-Work-Station

Bear Valley Library is another one of the six Denver Public Library branches designated as a Contemporary Service Style. Looking back into the history of the site Joseph Montalbano and his amazing team over at Studiotrope Design Collective were inspired by the native habitat of the valley: trees for shelter and tool making, the importance of the water flowing through the valley, along with the inherent beauty of the trees near the water.  They designed the experience to be one of a journey and self-help and discovery and The Public Works designed the furnishings and wayfinding to help enable this journey.

A key component of the program unique to the Contemporary Service Style is the ‘BeeHive’, a space that is designed around programming while beckoning and intriguing customers towards more lively interaction with librarians, their neighborhood fellow patrons, and with current trends and information about local events. Furnishings in the BeeHive cater to intensified customer/staff interactivity, encouraging information seekers to mix with information providers.