contact-suppleThe Supple Collection is a unique brand of sustainable library furniture. The Collection is inspired and designed by the architects, interior and graphic designers of studiotrope Design Collective and the industrial design and engineering team at The Public Works, and then built with care locally in the cradle to cradle (C2C) studio of Supple in the mountains of Colorado. The units are built in a solar powered shop and delivered using waste oil biodiesel whenever possible. We work with our clients on a personal level, listening to librarians and allowing their expertise to inspire the designs. Our process ensures that the interaction of both the librarians and their customers with their new furniture is a positive experience.

The collection is designed around the idea that while all libraries share functional needs and that library furniture must care for these needs, we are passionate in our belief that flow and aesthetic are what set apart truly extraordinary library environments. The pieces within the collection have been painstakingly designed in collaboration with librarians to take your library environment to that next level, while remaining customizable to meet the individuals needs of the librarians and customer within your unique environment.

Every element of the Supple Collection utilizes beautiful materials meticulously selected with the environment as priority and crafted to provide you with durable units that will retain their beauty long into the future. We take great care in the selection of our materials to ensure that the chemicals used in their production are friendly to your environment. Every step from design to delivery has been planned so that the process is sustainable and done with concern for the needs of the earth and it’s environment.
In the end, we are confident the most sustainable aspect of Supple furnishings will be the pride of ownership that you and your customers will feel years after you purchase.

We are also nothing without our partners!

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